So how did you get it here ?

(Gelerts Farm's most asked question)

It's quite simple, you put it on a lorry, drive it across half of Europe, and put it on the tracks again!

Lyd2-60, outside shed

Lyd2-60, Prepared for lifting

Lyd2-60 is lifted

25/6/93 Lyd2-60 has just been pulled out of the shed by one of the cranes (there being no working locos available)

Lyd2-60 is prepared for lifting

Lyd2-60 leaves Polish soil for the last time

Lyd2-60 lowerd onto the lorry

Lyd2-60 at Gubin

Lyd2-60 is carefully loaded onto the low-loader for transport to Wales

Lyd2-60 leaves Poznan Customs Office for Gubin and the crossing into Germany

Lyd2-069 arrived at Pen-y-Mount


Lyd2-69 finally arrives at Pen-y-Mount WHR, (The Lorry having lost its fuel tank the previous day!)

Lyd2-60 & Lyd2-069

Lyd2-60 'Eryri' and Lyd2-69 finally united again on the WHR The amount of Polish grime can clearly be seen on Lyd2-69 (Behind)

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