Lyd2-58 - Welsh Highland Railway

Lyd2-58Very Large View (206k)
Lyd2-58 at Gelerts Farm Works on the WHR , June 1996

Lyd2-58 was built in 1977 for PKP for the Jarocin Railway in Poland, and based at Witaszyce Shed.

After closure of the Jarocin System, No 58 was eventually brought by The WHR in August 1995

Lyd2-58 is currently not in service, there being several bits missing.

Note1: The works plates on Lyd2-58 show the construction date as 1979 whereas the date should be 1977, since the locomotive was built in the same batch as Lyd2-60. It is assumed that replacement plates were fitted at some time.

Note2: Lyd2-58 faces the the opposite way round from the other 2 Lyd2's at the WHR.


Waiting to go to Wales, Lyd2-58 patiently sits in Witaszyce Shed, 1992 & 1994

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