Childrens Railway, Budapest

The short history of the Children's Railway

(Taken from the Childrens Railway Time Table)
cr-mapm.jpg (141260 bytes)The construction of the Pioneer Railway was started at Szechenyi-hegy on llth April 1948. It is almost unbelievable that the first 3,1 km length stage to Viragvolgy (used to be 'E1ore') was finished within 66 working days. The first train started from Szechenyi-hegy with an opening celebration on 31st July 1948.

The construction went on quickly so in 1949 the second stage was opened.

The whole track was finished on 19th August 1950. The Hars-hill caused a lot of trouble: the construction workers had to build two viaducts and a 198 m length horseshoe-shaped tunnel.

The Railway Workshop at Huvosvolgy has been working since 1951. One of it's attractions is a turntable. The length of the whole track is 11,2 km and with a 20 km/h speed the trip takes 45 minutes. During this short time passengers can take pleasure in the beautiful woodland scene and observe the children on duty who are only 10-14 years old but take responsibility for working as cashier, pointsman, ticket inspector or traffic manager. This narrow gauge railway is controlled by children since the beginning, but - of course - under supervision of adults.

The name was changed from Pioneer's Railway to Children's Railway in 1990 but the tasks are the same: to transport passengers and to familiarise interested children with the railway system.

Since 1995 finding financial support for the children is the task of the Foundation for the Children's Railway.

cr-7s.jpg (10395 bytes)cr2-2s.jpg (10450 bytes) A train waits at the southern terminus of Szechenyi-Hegy.

This is the summit of the railway, and from here you can gat a train on the electric rack railway back down into Budapest.

Railway Loco's Old and new.

This show the new (1972) Romainian loco's built by the 23rd August Works. These are clasified Mk45 by the Hungarian Railways (The same type is classified Lxd2 by Polish railways)

The old loco at the back is one of the original loco's from the line. This type is classified type Mk43

cr2-4s.jpg (10450 bytes)
cr2-6s.jpg (10450 bytes) cr-7s.jpg (10395 bytes)

cr2-2s.jpg (10450 bytes)

This shows several of the stations on the line.

If you look closely you should see some of the children who operate the railway.

cr2-11s.jpg (10450 bytes) cr-7s.jpg (10395 bytes) cr2-7s.jpg (10450 bytes)
cr2-2s.jpg (10450 bytes) cr2-8s.jpg (10450 bytes)
cr2-9s.jpg (10450 bytes) cr2-10s.jpg (10450 bytes) cr2-12s.jpg (10450 bytes)
cr2-1s.jpg (10450 bytes) This 1/2 sized replica of one of the Mk45 locos used by the railway for advertising.


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