Dobre Sugar Works Railway

Dobre sugar factory's railway came into being in 1908.  By 1912 the 750mm gauge line had 56.5km of track, 2 locomotives and 80 wagons.  The railway was requisitioned by the Russian military in 1914, but was subsequently used by the German army.  Between the wars a number of new lines were built, and by 1944 the works had 86.4km of track, 8 steam locomotives and 170 wagons.  The post-war decline in use of such railways meant that by 1990 there were 45km of track, 5 diesel locomotives and 120 wagons.

The pattern in the late 1990s was for two Lyd2 locomotives to bring beet in from Stroszewo over the works’ own line, running partly over PKP track to reach the works.  PKP also brought in beet from Lowiczek, on the Nieszawa line, using Lxd2 diesels and narrow gauge wagons.  Within the factory and transfer yard WLs150 shunters were used.  Unlike Tuczno and Kruszwica the factory had no standard gauge link, so coal and limestone were brought in and finished products taken away by PKP using 'Rollwagen'.  The 2001 campaign was however the last to use rail transport, and the rolling stock has been sold or scrapped and all the track lifted.

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dobre-1s.jpg (11157 bytes) dobre-2s.jpg (11157 bytes)
October 1996 October 1996
Lyd2 CD-02 shunting wagons at the south end of the PKP station The sugar works second Lyd2 (CD-01) shunts the works reception sidings
dobre-3s.jpg (11157 bytes) dobre-4s.jpg (11157 bytes)
October 1997 October 1997
CD-02 was propelling a van on a track clarence train CD-01 shunts empty standard gauge coal wagons on Rollwagen at the reception sidings
October 1998 October 1998
Shunting beet wagons at the entrance to the works Lyd2 at the beet loading point at Strozewo
October 1998 October 1998
Lxd2 returns to PKP station having left its train at the works sidings. Loco and brake van await the next run out for more beet
October 1998 October 1998
At the loading point at Lowkonwice another Lxd2 is waiting with a full train as the loco+van arrive Another load of beet heads towards Dobre

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