Loading Wagons at Gniezno


A wire rope is connected from the Px48 to the standard gauge vans on the left. gne95-1s.jpg (5538 bytes)
gne95-2s.jpg (5538 bytes) The standard gauge vans are now pulled slowly onto the 'Rollwagen' transporters
Once the vans are pulled on, the transporters must be opened up so that can go round bends. gne95-3s.jpg (5538 bytes)
gne95-4s.jpg (5538 bytes) The vans are opened up by the Px48 pulling.
Once loaded the new vans are shunted into a siding, ready to pull out a train of empty vans. gne95-5s.jpg (5538 bytes)
gne95-6s.jpg (5538 bytes) The transporters are now closed up, to enable the empty vans to be unloaded.
The empty vans are now pushed down the loading ramp by hand. gne95-7s.jpg (5538 bytes)
gne95-8s.jpg (5538 bytes) The loaded train now departs for Witkowo.

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