The first section of this 750mm gauge system opened in 1917.  The line runs from a standard gauge interchange at Opatowek, through Zbiersk (the main depot) to Turek, a distance of 57km.  A second line ran 12km from Zelazkow to Kalisz, and a branch from that line ran 3km to Russow.  In 1989 the line carried 18,722 passengers and 408,286 tons of freight.  The line to Kalisz closed in the early 1990s, when passenger services ceased, but the Russow line was still in use in 1996 to carry sugar beet to the works in Zbiersk.  The beet traffic has now ceased, and the track used for this to enter the works has been lifted.  The extensive facilities at the main stations indicate that the line was once extremely busy.  The local authority has taken over the line, with SKPL as operator, and initial problems with PKP over the transfer of freight traffic appear to have been overcome.  Passenger trains are available to order, but plans for regular services have not yet been realised.

Information about Zbiersk can also be found at Paul Engelbert's site (German language):


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October 1996

October 1996

October 1996

Lxd2 diesel with train of sugar beet from Russow bound for Zbiersk ex-PKP Lyd2-103 now owned by Zbiersk Sugar Works, near the weighbridge at the works reception sidings


A WLS150 shutter owned by Zbiersk sugar works on the level crossing. The PKP line crosses just beyond the loco
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October 1996 October 1996 September 1997
A PKP train crosses the road with empty wagons for Russow Sugar Works Lyd2 about to receive standard gauge vans on Rollwagen from PKP's Lxd2


Lxd2 with coal wagons at Opatowek, the main line interchange

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