Lillafüred Forest Railway (Miskolc, Hungary)

This is a former Forestry Railway terminating in the suburbs of Miskolc in northern Hungary. Since the forestry traffic ended in 1994, the line is now only a tourist railway.

For more information, have a look at Lillafüred Forest Railway

This excellent site is how I first found this railway. In 1997, armed with a copy of it, we paid a flying visit whilst travailing between Budapest, and Sanok in Poland.

The following is a few pictures from that visit.

Today's loco runs round its train at Miskolc-Kilián station, now the terminus of the line. msik1s.jpg (14098 bytes)
These 2 pictures are of the lines main sheds, and workshops.

The vehicle on the 2nd picture is not a parked car, but a railway wagon !

msik2s.jpg (12841 bytes) msik3s.jpg (14412 bytes)
A few pictures from along the line. note the guard clipping the tickets from the running board. On our trip he did the whole train this way. msik4s.jpg (13955 bytes)msik5s.jpg (14296 bytes)
Another picture of our engine, DO2-506 msik6s.jpg (13314 bytes)

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