This system dates from the First World War, having been built as a German military railway.  Construction started on 10 July 1915, and in less than three weeks 600mm gauge track was laid for 42km from Mlawa (on the standard gauge Warszawa – Ilawa line) to Przasnysz.  After the war 68km was added from Przasnysz through Krasne and Makow Mazowiecki to Zamosc.  1959 distances were given as:

Mlawa – Grudusk – Przasnysz Miasto – Przasnysz    47km
Grudusk – Ciechanow – Krasna 56km
Przasnysz – Krasna – Makow Mazowiecki – Zamosc Mazowiecki  47km

giving a system total of 150km.

In 1961 the line was regauged to 750mm, and in 1973 ‘Rollwagen’ were introduced.  During the 1970s the line carried around 370,000 tons of freight and 170,000 passengers annually, but in 1986 the passenger service ceased. 

By 1989 there were 69km of track, and 225,476 tons of freight were carried.  In 1994 the line was registered as a monument by the two local authorities through which it runs.

The line today runs from Mlawa through Przasnysz to Makow Mazowiecki.  The line from Grudusk to Ciechanow and back to Krasne is closed, together with the line beyond Makow Maz. to Zamosc.

A ‘skansen’ at Mlawa has a Px48 and ‘Brigadelok’ on display, but there are no operational steam locomotives.  Charter trains, consisting of a Lxd2 and Romanian coaches, are available to order.  Prices vary according to the number of coaches and length of journey desired.  In 1998 the cost of a locomotive and two coaches Mlawa – Przasnysz – Mlawa was 1269.60zl.  There are reductions for persons under 26 years of age.

Information about Mlawa can also be found at Paul Engelbert’s site (German language):

Some basic information which may be of use to those planning a visit:

A Charter train waits in front of a collection of display stock One of the bridges on the route
Grudusk was once a junction. The layout is quite extensive, but no evidence of freight traffic. The layout at Przasnysz includes a triangle and extensive sidings
These vans at Przasnysz are evidence of freight traffic, but it appears to be much lower than a few years ago. Just outside Mlawa the train crosses the main Warszawa - Gdansk Road.
This Brigadelok is displayed at Mlawa; these locos no doubt worked the line when it was a 600mm gauge.

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