The narrow gauge system running south from Warszawa had various origins, with part of it having opened in 1892 as a 800mm gauge horse-worked line to Wilanow.  The Grojec line appears to have opened in 1898 as a metre gauge line, and the 800mm sections were regauged in 1936.  By 1959 the system consisted of:

Warszawa Poludniowa – Iwiczna – Warszawa Wilanow  27km
Iwiczna - Piaseczno Miasto – Gora Kalwaria       19km
Piaseczno Miasto - Grojec – Nowe Miasto    71km
Grojec – Jasieniec   7km

giving a network total of 125km.

By 1989 only the Piaseczno – Nowe Miasto section remained, and that carried 24,447 passengers and 178,571 tons of freight.  Regular passenger services ceased in 1991 but ‘tourist’ trains, using a Px48 or Lxd2 with Romanian coaches, continued to run to order.  A visit in 1994 found some freight traffic still being carried, but this is believed to have ended in 1996.  It has recently been reported that the line has been taken over from PKP, but it remains to be seen what the future holds.

Further information is at Helge Ralf Harling's site (German language): http://home.eplus-online.de/harni/

Some basic information which may be of use to those planning a visit: http://www.kolej.pl/~pablo/pl/info_GrKW.html

The local authority's page (Polish language) at: http://www.grojec.pl/prezentacja/warto_zobaczyc/kolejka.html

Wieslaw Firlag's site at: http://poczta.pnet.pl/~koleje/

Map of Piaseczno area

Nowe Miasto station looks very deserted Grojec station with its water tower
Piaseczno station near Warszawa (Warsaw) has coaches ready for the occasional train The interesting depot building at Piaseczno

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