This is claimed to have been the first narrow gauge passenger railway to be opened in that part of Poland under Russian control, in 1904.  It was operated by three Borisg 0-6-0Ts from its opening until 1954.  At one time the line ran from Piotrkow Trybunalski (on the standard gauge Warszawa Czestochowa line) to Sulejow Pilica, but was later cut back by 2km to Sulejow. 

It would appear that the passenger service ceased in 1987.  In 1989 the 750mm gauge line was 15km long and carried 102,846 tons of freight.  The freight service ceased in the early 1990s, but the track is mostly still in place, together with rolling stock at Piotrkow.  A group of enthusiasts under the name Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Kolejki Waskotorowej Piotrkow Sulejow is attempting to revive the line.  It is understood that trains can now be run to order as far as Bugaj (about 5km), but that further restoration is threatened by road widening.

Oct 98
Oct 98
Oct 98
Recently painted snow plough in front of shed General view of station It looked like the snowplough had been pushed along this line

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