Smigiel Railway

The first section of the Schmiegeler Kreisbahn opened on the metre gauge in 1900 from Stare Bojanowo (on the Poznan Leszno line) eastwards 18km to Krzywin.  The following year it was extended westwards from Stare Bojanowo through Smigiel and Wielichowo to Ujazd.  Services to Ujazd did not last long, however, as the Lubnica Ujazd section closed in 1905.  Another western terminus appeared in 1910 when a line was built from Wielichowo to Rakoniewice (served by the standard gauge Poznan Wolsztyn line).  The Wielichowo Lunica section continued in operation as a freight branch until 1924.  Following the Second World War PKP carried out a programme of rationalisation of narrow gauge lines, and the Smigiel route was regauged to 750mm, with the metre gauge equipment being transferred to Pomerania.  The Wielichowo Rakoniewice line probably closed in the 1960s.

In 1989 the line was quoted as 34km long and carrying 230,638 passengers and 72,448 tons of freight.  By 1996 it line was officially given as 23.7km long, following closure of the line east of Stare Bojanowo.  The timetable was gradually reduced until regular passenger operations ceased completely on 22 June 2001, this being the last day of normal passenger trains running on the PKP narrow gauge railways.  Freight traffic continued to be quite heavy until this too ceased in December 2001.  The line was taken over by the local authority and is now operated by Stowarzyszenia Kolejowych Przewozow Lokalnych, based in Kalisz.  Passenger trains (Romanian-built railcars) started running again in February 2002, and freight services (standard gauge wagons on 'Rollwagen' hauled by Lxd2 diesels) followed some time later.

In June 2002 freight trains were only running occasionally, probably less than once a week.  The passenger timetable was cut back for the summer period, with only four trains per day between Smigiel and Stare Bojanowo.  With the start of the new school term the timetable was increased significantly, and the Sniaty services were extended to Wielichowo for the first time in a decade.  By October freight traffic had also increased, with coal being carried on a daily basis from Stare Bojanowo to Smigiel, Witowo Polski or Wielichowo.  On one occasion there were two railcars and two freight trains in operation at the same time.  It is to be hoped that this revival of traffic will continue and grow in strength.

Maciej Matuszewski's book "Z dziejow Smigielskiej Kolej Dojazdowej 1900-1990", published by Poznanski Klub Modelarzy Kolejowych in 1990, is unfortunately no longer available.

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Smigiel Station

sme97-6s.jpg (11998 bytes) sme97-8s.jpg (13426 bytes) sme97-7s.jpg (11368 bytes)

August 1997

August 1997 August 1997
Px48-1765 on display at Smigiel Station Good news for the railway, this wagon loaded with fresh sleepers. Lxd2-266 sits outside the main sheds
sme97-2s.jpg (10701 bytes)Extra Large View

August 1997

A general view of Smigiel yard. 2 box vans sit on transporter wagons, and 3 railbuses, and a coach can be seen in the distance.


Passenger Trains from  to Sniaty Stare Bojanowo

sme96-3s.jpg (12959 bytes) sme96-2s.jpg (12322 bytes)
October 1996 October 1996
Romanian railcar and Standard Gauge EMU at Stare Bojanowo Railcar arrives at Stare Bojanowo
sme97-5s.jpg (11281 bytes) sme97-4s.jpg (13925 bytes) sme95-4s.jpg (10470 bytes)
August 1997 August 1997 September 1995
Smigiel Station
Sadly a rarity in Poland today, two passenger trains depart from the same station, one to St Bojanowo (left) and Sniaty (right)
Wayside halt between Witowo Polskie & Smigel
sme95-3s.jpg (13945 bytes) sme97-3s.jpg (8173 bytes) sme97-1s.jpg (10380 bytes)

September 1995

August 1997

August 1997
The freight train awaits to follow the passenger train at Sniaty station On route Mbxd2-222 heads towards Sniaty. Finally on arrival at Sniaty

Freight Trains

sme95-2s.jpg (9841 bytes) sme95-1s.jpg (10155 bytes) sme96-1s.jpg (10174 bytes)
September 1995 September 1995 September 1995
Lxd2-266 heads a transporter wagon train The same train between Wielichowo   and Sniaty.
Clearances are rather tight !
Lxd2-266 has now picked up another 2 standard gauge wagons near Smigiel Zachod, as it arrived at Smigiel with 4 empties

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