The Sompolno division represented the central area of the Kujawy network, although it also extended eastwards across the Krosniewice division to Brzesc Kujawski.  The origins lay in former sugar works lines, German military lines and links built under early Polish administration.  Sompolno itself was once the main wagon workshop of the Kujawy network, and had a very extensive track layout.  In recent years the division carried only freight (all on ‘Rollwagen’) hauled by Lxd2 diesels from the standard gauge interchange at Kolo, on the Poznan – Kutno line.  As well to Sompolno itself, freight was carried west to Slesin, Slawoszewek and Wilczyn, north a few kilometres to Wierzbinek, and east to Izbica and Brzesc Kujawski.  On 1 January 1996 the Sompolno division had 142.9km of track, of which 132.5km were in use.  Following PKP's cessation of narrow gauge activities in December 2001 the line does not appear to have seen any traffic.

som-1s.JPG (12313 bytes) som-2s.JPG (12313 bytes) som-3s.JPG (12313 bytes)
October 1996 October 1997 September 1997
Lxd2 with very light train between Sompolno and Slesin


Sompolno loco shed View south through the yard
som-4s.JPG (12313 bytes) som-6s.JPG (12313 bytes)
September 1997 December 1999 September 1997
Sompolno station building Having loaded its train at Kolo, an Lxd2 runs around it prior to taking it up the mainline towards Sompolno The little remaining freight is believed to be on 'Rollwagen' so many old wagons lie derelict


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