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Porthmadog (New) Station

Portmadog's original WHR station was 'Porthmadog New', opened in 1923 it was located just across the Cambrian (later GWR) main line. 1933 saw more financial problems for the WHR, and the new GWR imposed huge prices for manning and upkeep of the WHR/GWR crossing. As a cost cutting measure, a smaller station was built a few yards away on the other side of the GWR, and trains terminated at that station.

Porthmadog New survived a remarkably long time, up until 1990, when it sadly went the same way as the Britannia Bridge to Anglse, falling victim to children playing with matches.

Just After opening, Porthmadog (New).

In the background, just behind the lamp post, can be seen the buildings of Gelerts Farm, now the Machine Shops of the WHR's Gelerts Farm Works.

1989, and the station building looks forgotten, but still largely intact.

1990, and fire finally consumes the station building.

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