Krosniewice was the main locomotive works for the system.  In 1994 there were still passenger services north to Boniewo, east to Ostrowy and south to Ozorkow.  On 1 January 1996 the division had 180.6km of track, of which 160.8km were in use.  The Ozorkow line closed in May 1996 as a result of work on the Warszawa – Berlin line, which crosses over the narrow gauge near Krzewie.  About the same time services north were cut back to Cetty, and a few years later to Wielka Wies.  At the south end of Krosniewice station the railway is crossed by the main Warszawa – Poznan – Berlin road and when the road was resurfaced without any provision for the railway it seemed certain that the last trains had run in that direction.  It was therefore something of a revelation in 1999 when services were resumed, albeit only three times a day, to the main line station at Krzewie.  These were however short-lived, for all regular passenger traffic ceased in June 2001.  By that time it had been realised that the line south to Ozorkow was situated close to a large centre of population at Lodz, and 'tourist' trains had operated on a few days on that line.

As recently as October 1997 the works was still servicing narrow gauge freight wagons for the sugar beet traffic at Dobre, and appears to have done so again for autumn 2000.  There was a little freight traffic to Krosniewice itself from the standard gauge interchange at Ostrowy, and in May 2001 a new siding connection had been laid in just to the north of Krosniewice, to serve a factory, although the track had not been carried across the adjacent road.  Amazingly, although the line was due to close within a few months, this new connection was completed.  If it ever carried traffic it must have been very short-lived.

Krosniewice's main claim to fame in recent years was as the one remaining haunt of the old Polish-built railcars, dating from the 1960s.  In May 2001 one of these was still in service and two others were parked outside the shed apparently in operational order.  One was worked across the system to Gniezno in April 2002.  The local authority has taken over the line, and SKPL commenced regular passenger operations in November 2002 from Krosniewice to Ostrowy, Krzewie and Wielka Wies.  Freight operations are also planned.  The current timetable can be found at Peter Wilhelm's web site.

The division also had a sub-shed at Dobre, from which Lxd2 diesels operated trains between Nieszawa and the sugar factory, and in December 1999 wagons were seen at Oscieciny on the line south towards Jerzmanowo.  As well as the ‘Rollwagen’ (which were also worked occasionally to Koneck) there was sugar beet traffic from a loading point on the Nieszawa line.  However, following PKP's cessation of narrow gauge operations the sugar factory has completely given up rail transport and the exchange sidings outside the factory gates have been lifted.  Although the local authority finally took over the PKP lines, it is difficult to see what traffic can now be operated.

A Video of Narrow Gauge Railways in Poland featuring this and other lines is available at

kros-1.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-2.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-3.jpg (158160 bytes)
October 1996 October 1996 October 1996
Lxd2 between shunting moves in Krosniewice yard Polish Railcar (MBxd1) coming off shed at Krosniewice Romanian Railcar (left) for Ostrowy and polish railcar for Cetty, at Krosniewice
kros-4.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-5.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-6.jpg (158160 bytes)
October 1996 October 1996 October 1996
Polish Railcar at Cetty Romanian Railcar for Ostrowy at Krosniewice.

The crowd of waiting passengers show the service was still busy

Romanian railcar at Ostrowy Wask - a 'basic' station
kros-7.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-8.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-9.jpg (158160 bytes)
October 1996. October 1996 September 1997
Krosniewice yard
Locoshed in left distance, works off to right. Much of the track hidden by vegetation
A Romanian railcar sets of  for Ostrowy Polish Railcar at Krosniewice
kros-10.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-11.jpg (158160 bytes) kros-12.jpg (158160 bytes)
September 1997 September 1997 September 1997
Dobre station south end .
Lines left to right are, sugar works, siding, Strozewo, Boniewo
Lxd2 having arrived with a load of coalwagons Lxd2 at sugar works reception sidings having delivered coal wagons

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