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The Route in Modern Pictures

NWNGR Section (Dinas Jcn to Plas-y-nant )

Much of this section has now been re-devoloped by The Ffestiniog Railway, as part of their extension. Have a look on the main WHR www site for some pictures of September 2000 Waunfaur Opening gala with Russell 

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Dinas Junction

Originally this was the junction between the North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways (NWNGR) and the London and North Western Railway (LNWR).

This 1989 photo shows in use as a Council Depot Since posting the photograph last year, this too has become history. The Ffestiniog Railway have now taken over this area to build there Caernarfon Railway, and unfortunately most of the remaining LNWR fixtures(including the platforms) has now gone, as has the council buildings to the rear

Dinas Yard, 1989

Dinas Yard 1950's (WHR Coll.)

Bridge No 1.

This marks the beginning of the NWNGR, beyond this bridge lay Dinas Yard.

With the Ffestiniog rebuilding plans projected to use the exLNWR Standard Gauge bridge, this one is unlikely to see passenger trains again.

Dinas Bridge 1989

Dinas Bridge 1930's (WHR Coll.)

After Dinas Yard, the line follows a short cutting as far as the main road.

Bridge No 2 Under the Main Road at Dinas Village.

This shot show the cutting beyond the bridge, as it was being filled in in 1988.

Tryfan Junction.

Totally overgrown, and derelict, the station building can just be seen in the undergrowth

Waenfawr Station

It is unfortunate that the Ffestiniog plans for rebuilding this station now require this NWNGR station to be demolished.

RIP . Waenfawr Station Building  1877 - 1999

Demolished by Festiniog Railway contractors 1999


Waenfawr in 1990's

Waenfawr in 1930's

Waenfaur in 1950's (WHR Coll.)

Waenfaur in 1950's (WHR Coll.)

Salem to Plas-y-nant

If you look closely at this section, you can still see the indentations in the soil made by the original sleepers

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