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The Route in Modern Pictures

PBSSR (South Snowdon to Aberglaslyn Tunnel)


South Snowdon Station.

This was the Terminus of the NWNGR for many years.

This is where the Porthmadog, Beddgelert, and South Snowdon Railway (PBSSR) started its extension of the NWNGR. South Snowdon only became a through station in 1922 when the WHR was completed. (South Snowdon was also known as Rhyd Ddu in WHR days)


1940's (WHR Coll.)

South Snowdon to Pits Head

The PBSSR extension continues up for about mile up hill before reaching the summit at Pits Head. As can be seen, in winter it gets very bleak!

As can be seen from this 1990 photograph, in winter it gets very bleak!

Russell almost at Pits Head, and the top of the 1:40 gradient from Nantmoor. (WHR Coll.)

Beddgelert Forrest

Much of this part of the route has been used by the forestry commission as a road.

The same point as above, but looking towards Beddgelert, the trackbed embankment can be seen in the middle of the picture, curving off to the right.

Above Beddgelert

This is the point where the Welsh Highland (WHR) and Porthmadog, Beddgelert and South Snowdon (PBSSR) routes diverged.

Facing towards Beddgelert, the picture is taken from the steeply graded 1:20 PBSSR route, whilst to the right, the lighter WHR 1:40 route can be seen.

Beddgelert Station

On the left can just be seen on of the WHR's concrete water towers, and in the foreground the pit.

Beddgelert Cutting

This cutting runs around the back of the 'Royal Goat' Hotel. The sleepers are not original, but the result of track laying by the WHR in the late 1960's

Bryn-y-Felin Bridge

Probably the best know of the WHR's bridges.

This is where the WHR crosses the Afon Glaslyn on of of the WHR's standard 75ft span steel latace girder bridges


RIP .Bryn-y-Felin Bridge  1922 - 1999

Demolished by Festiniog Railway contractors November 1999

Extra large picture

Bryn-y-Felin Bridge in the 1990's

Extra large picture

Bryn-y-Felin Bridge in the 1930's (WHR Coll.)

Aberglaslyn Pass

As seen from the trackbed, and the Road


Aberglaslyn Pass in the 1990's Aberglaslyn Pass in the 1930's

(WHR Coll.)

(WHR Coll.)

Aberglaslyn Tunnel

(Beddgelert End)

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