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The Route in Modern Pictures

PBSSR (Aberglaslyn Tunnel to Croesor Junction)



Aberglaslyn Tunnel (Porthmadog end)

1990's in use as a footpath

1920's and the tunnel is being used by the Welsh Highland. (WHR Coll.)
1910's and the tunnel is being built for the PBSSR. (WHR Coll.)


Nantmoor to Hafod-y-Llyn

(Nantmoor Bank)

Most of this section in an a 1:40 gradient

Just before the road bridge, and easy access from the road, this section was used for storage of rail, before a start was made of re-laying the WHR in Porthmadog. The last rail was taken from here in 1991.

Going on towards Hafod-y-Lynn.

The sharp gradients of the Nantmoor Bank give way here to from 1:40 to a mere 1:67

Near Hafod-y-Lynn

Finally to the bottom of Nantmoor bank and back to level ground.

Afon Nantmoor

Another one of the WHR's standard girder bridges, this time with a footpath over the top.

Afon Dylif

Yet another WHR Standard bridge, however, this one proves a little tricky to get over.

Between Afon Dylif and Croesor Junction

Croesor Junction

An end to the WHR proper, and onto the former Croesor Tramway


1940's (WHR Coll.)

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